Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ron Paul vs Bernanke: Is Gold Money? - July 13, 2011

The "Bernanke" wrong again! How long will the Fed be allowed to continue its wayward ways? If Obama and Soros get their way, the controlled decline of the Dollar is just around the corner.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Obamanomic's It's not working

Wag the Dog

Seems like a lot has been going on lately. Osama Bin Laden supposedly killed? Mysterious conflicting reports about the killing. Then a Muslim burial at sea for a mass murderer, leader of CIA born Al Queda, that could not be located for 18 years? News of the killing released in the middle of Trump's apprentice, right after the release of the long form birth certificate? Not to mention the drones in Libya, now Pakistan, oh and let's not forget Afganistan, Iraq, the declining dollar, spiking gas food prices, the TSA now looking through infant diapers? What else can we pile on to this enormous mountain of crap? Stayed tuned the best is yet to come.